About Me

I’m a creative design and development individual, capable of blending business requirements with an attractive graphical interface design to produce highly effective results.

Over the last decade I designed and developed highly engaging websites and interactive mobile apps for all size organizations as well as some of the world’s most recognized brands. These projects have been used by hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide.

I have a BS degree in New Media Interactive Development from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Currently, I’m working towards my MS degree in Information Management, at Syracuse University and working full-time as a Multimedia Developer at Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY where I’m responsible for Web and Mobile App Development. Prior to Eastman Kodak, I was a Web Developer at Grants Office LLC responsible for maintaining the company’s web presence and conceptualizing new on-line products.

I strive to deliver highly impactful solutions that drive results.


Syracuse University

Work Experience


Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, NY

Multimedia Developer

Multimedia Developer, Specializing in Mobile and Web Development.

  • Established a "Responsive Design" template for the Kodak.Com Website, during the Brand Relaunch in 2016
  • Developed and launched - KODAK REEL Film App for iOS, Android & Web
  • Supported the Launch of the KODAK EKTRA Smartphone and KODAK Super 8 Camera
  • Developed and launched - Kodak’s Pro Photography App
  • Developed several "Virtual Demo" interactive apps including one for the sales force to demonstrate Kodak’s NexPress printing solution to prospective customers
  • Developed and maintained - KODAK Cinema Tools App.
  • Developed and launched - Kodak’s Pro Photography App
  • Designed a QR Code product prototype for a variable print business idea
Grants Office

Grants Office LLC Rochester, NY

Web Developer (Co-Op)

Established a strong web presence and implemented enhanced usability features on all major web services for this on-line company.

  • Established stronger web precense to help company achieve 200% Growth during a recession.
  • Implemented several new innovative web services
  • Implemented enhance usability on all major web services.

Additional Work Experience at Circuit City Stores Inc. & The Fund for RIT

Volunteer Experience at FIRST Rochester & RIT FIRST

Skill Set

Technical Skill Set

  • Objective C (iOS)
  • PHP
  • jQuery/ Angular JS
  • C#/.NET*
  • Swift (iOS)*
  • Java (Android)
  • HTML5/Javascript

See Code Samples on my Github page.

General Skill Set

  • Responsive Design
  • Front End / Back End Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Photography/Imaging
  • Digital Video Production
  • Project Management
  • Microsoft Project
  • Teamwork
  • Print Media

* Familiar With